Standard Operating Procedures / Purchase Process

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Please find our General Order Intake Processing and Terms and Conditions. Depending upon the specific Product and/or Manufacturer, certain deposit, delivery, and/or shipping terms will vary. All final terms and requirements will be contained in the SPA and Proforma Invoice and/or PO requirements.  Orders will be processed according to time received and complete data available.


  1. NCNDA (if applicable)
  2. Buyer provides Request for Quote (RFQ)
  3. Buyer provides RFI Intake data – Click here
  4. Buyer provides Authorization Letter for best factory pricing (as needed)
  5. Buyer provides Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proof of Funds (PoF)
  6. Buyer issues Purchase Order (PO) with banking details
  7. Buyer and Seller’s attorneys confirm product details, terms, and purchase price
  8. Seller issues Sales Purchase Agreement
  9. Buyer provides product delivery address
  10. Seller issues to Buyer a Profoma Invoice
  11. Buyer wires initial deposit funds to Escrow account
  12. Seller places order with manufacturer
  13. SGS or In-Person inspection is completed prior to shipment
  14. Buyer wires remainder of funds per the terms of the Sales Purchase Agreement
  15. Shipment commences
  16. Seller provides order tracking

Government and Healthcare buyers include official letter for priority consideration.